eBay Bans Sale of Medical Skulls

eBay bans the sale of real human skulls On Friday, July 8th, eBay removed all listings for human skulls, skeletons, and bones from the site. Listings of human teeth appear not to have been affected. What was eBay’s policy on human remains and body parts? Previously, eBay’s Human Remains and Body Parts Policy generally disallowed […]

Human Skull Goblets: The Tibetan Kapala

Real human skulls in pre-industrial art: Pre-industrial societies have been incorporating human skulls into sacred artifacts for thousands of years. Authentic traditional skull art is both rare and awe-inspiring. The bottom of this Tibetan ritual chalice is the crown of a human skull. Tibetan skull cups, or “kapalas,” were used in Tantric Buddhist and Hindu sects to offer libations to […]