eBay Bans Sale of Medical Skulls

eBay bans the sale of real human skulls

On Friday, July 8th, eBay removed all listings for human skulls, skeletons, and bones from the site. Listings of human teeth appear not to have been affected.

What was eBay’s policy on human remains and body parts?

Previously, eBay’s Human Remains and Body Parts Policy generally disallowed the sale of human body parts on the site, with two exceptions: wigs made of real human hair, and “Clean, articulated (jointed), non-Native American skulls and skeletons used for medical research if shipped domestically within the US.” eBay was a major marketplace for trade in real human skulls and skeletons, but it seems to have been shut down.

Why did eBay remove the exception for medical real human skulls?

eBay released the following statement yesterday:

“As part of our regular, ongoing review of eBay policies, we will be updating our policy on the listing of human remains and body parts intended for medical research on eBay. Going forward, all such items will be prohibited from being bought or sold on eBay.”

As of 7/9, the eBay’s restricted items policy page has not been updated to reflect any change. A few listings for medical skulls and skeletons were live this morning but had been removed by mid-afternoon. All currently active human skull/skeleton listings appear to be replicas. Updates will be posted as more information becomes available.

eBay human remains policy

eBay updated human remains policy (7/9) part 1

eBay human remains policy

eBay updated human remains policy (7/9) part 2

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